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Mahle, Krotoszyn
Mahle, Krotoszynmahle.com

We are manufacturer of chain conveyors that deliver to MAHLE. Conveyors are used for the transport of chips from the machine into the containers. MAHLE also for design and manufacture various types of equipment and machinery, which are used in the foundry.

Jarpol, Warszawa
Jarpol, Warszawajarpolsa.pl

We have completed a mobile concrete mixing plant for the company JARPOL. The project was part: Mixer of 0.5 m3 disc METPOL station one-cell aggregates after 25m3, 40t cement silos, aggregate and cement dispenser. Mobile node is used for newly constructed roads, where a concrete foundation for stability and.

Zwolbet, Gorzów Wlkp.
Zwolbet, Gorzów Wlkp.zwolbet.pl

The concrete plant for the company Zwolbet. The project was part: 0.75 m3 mixer disc, the station aggregates the three-chamber 20m3, silos for cement and ash 60t, fully automated. Node is used for the production of ready-mixed concrete and prefabrication to suit your needs.

Bielbet, Bielsko-Biała
Bielbet, Bielsko-Białabielbet.pl

Have made mass production line for the company Bielbet concrete. The project was part: planetary mixer 0.5 m3 station, four-cell aggregates after 15m3, 50t cement silos, plasticizers dispenser, foam dispenser node is fully automated. The line is used to produce concrete for various classes of linear drainage stress.

VIABUD, Piłaviabud.pl

We have completed the concrete plant for the company Viabud. The project was part: double shaft mixer 1.5 m3, the station aggregates the three-chamber 25m3, silos for cement and ash 60t, plasticizers dispenser, toilet and fully automated. Active serve the customer and the vision for the development of his company.

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