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Silos for cement and ash

Silos are used to store various types of bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, silica fume, etc.

Roller silo made by our company is made of 4 mm thick, while the cone sheet 5mm thick. Everything is sanded and sealed coating exhibits a high resistance against corrosion. Attached to the silo structure is the input molecule with balustrade.


Silos made by our company include:

  • dust filter meets warranty standards for transmission of dust,
  • automatic system to prevent overfilling of the tank,
  • pressure relief valve, which controls blood pressure and depression arising as a result of filling up or emptying the silo,
  • level sensors that continuously monitor the level of the material in the silo,
  • nozzles to provide adequate aeration aeration material inside the silo,


The support structure can be made at low or high legs, depending on customer needs. METPOL company offers a wide range of products according to customer needs.