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Platform to carry vat

Car to carry a vat of molten metal is a device wielkogabarytowym electric motor powered by batteries. The car is designed to carry a vat of molten metal in the vats to 6.3 tons of the aisle to aisle Melting shop. The car can operate in ambient temperatures from -5 to +400 C and relative humidity up to 95%.

The car moves in a specially adapted trolley. Loading the ladle is done using cranes. The ladle is placed on a rack in the shape of a cone, which ensures its stability.

Controlling the car is driving through the control pendant. While driving the car indicator light is activated. The platform is equipped with front and rear bumper, so when it encounters an obstacle while driving, the car stops.


SpecificationsPlatform to carry vat
Dimension [mm]3800 x 1400 x 1115
Weight of the car [ton]4
Load capacity [ton]6,3
Type of driveThe electric motor current
Travel speed [m / min]20
Motor power [kW]2,5
Type of PowerThe battery pack
Supply voltage [ V  ]80