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Car to charge

The car used to transport loading and loading stock into the furnace: induction. The car is designed to transport the feed material from the loading to the induction furnace, where the unloading chute by means of vibration.
The car moves on the trolley and takes two extreme positions. In one position, the car is loaded with feedstock, the charge goes through the chute vibrating chute located in the rear of the car.
In the second position, the car stops in front of the induction furnace in which the material is fed from the feed tank of the car, the vibrating feeder to the inertia of the furnace crucible after lifting the lid of the furnace. Driving the car allows gearmotor located in the rear of the car.

Control of the car driving the activation of electrovibrators can be done using the control pendant connected to the car via wire or by remote control cartridge.

Our company offers cars for loading material with different load capacities from 3m3 to 12m3, depending on customer needs.


Wagon loading consists of:

  • Supporting structure
  • Hopper
  • vibratory feeder trough inertial-mounted vibration of elektrowibratorami.
  • geared motor drive system coupled with the drive shaft to the wheelset.
  • cabinet