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Worm conveyors

Tubular screw conveyors are used to transport cement and other solids in a discontinuous mode, and is characterized by high efficiency. Screw feeders are manufactured from hard-steel with a suitable surface finish. Screw conveyors performed with a diameter of 114 to 323 mm and different lengths tailored to the needs of the customer. Screw conveyors are equipped with lifting eyes at each section of the pipe.


The conveyor consists of:

  • The drive system [A] with different operating characteristics and power
  • Tubular channel [B] with at least one inlet [D], and one outlet [E],
  • pen helical worm [C] welded to the central tube [B] of the coupling sleeve at each end,,
  • two end bearing assemblies complete adjustable shaft sealing unit, and intermediate bearings supporting elements, the number of which depends on the total length of the screw conveyor,
  • hatches, their number depends on the length of the conveyor