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Scraper conveyor

Chip conveyors are designed primarily to transport chips from machine tools. They can also be used for transport of materials can półciekłym. Transport takes place in a metal trough with scrapers attached to the chain. The chain is driven by the operator.
The transported material can have a grain size of 50 mm and a temperature of up to 100°C.

Conveyor manufactured by our company have different performance, the length and angle of the sheer, tailored to individual needs.


These conveyors are characterized by:

  • Small overall dimensions for obtaining high performance
  • The possibility of working in special conditions such as high and low temperature,
  • The possibility of viscous materials and spiekających in
  • The possibility of development of the conveyor,
  • Conveyors can be equipped with hoppers bins, unloading crates of sizes and location dependent on the destination and the cooperation with other technological devices.