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Roller conveyor

Roller Conveyors are used in warehouses, production lines and logistic centers. Conveyors are used for the transport of loads having a flat contact surface with the rollers (transport element) such as boxes, pallets etc. are transported cargo weight can be in the range of several to tens of kilograms.

Roller conveyors are offered in two versions:

  • driven roller conveyors – in these models have been used rollers driven by a gear motor with chain or flexible rods.
  • gravity roller conveyors – the movement of the product is forced by tilting conveyor or product is used the momentum given earlier


Depending on the destination of the conveyor rollers can be made of:

  • plastic
  • galvanized steel,
  • galvanized steel covered with rubber lagging.


Roller conveyors have a simple support structure supports the set standard for conveyor height adjustment allowing up to + / – 80mm.
The design of conveyor made by our company can be made of powder coated steel in any RAL color, length, height and width depends on the individual needs of the client.