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Bucket conveyor

Bucket conveyors are designed for vertical transport of bulk materials. The use of bucket conveyors eliminates the use of long belt conveyors. Offered by our company are manufactured conveyor belt version. Conveyor manufactured by our company have different flow rate and tailored to individual customer needs.


Bucket conveyors are equipped with:

  • Gearmotor reputable companies working with different characteristics and power
  • Tie bearing made of a conveyor belt with a width adapted to the width of the bucket. .
  • The team bucket the team enters a deep bucket easily adapted to a wide conveyor performance, made of hard-metal or steel.
  • The intermediate members is a supporting structure, which is a segment of the conveyor housing
  • Behind the head – it is the conveyor support structure, which is attached to the drum drive gear motor mounting pin. In addition, discharge of the material.
  • The rotation – mounted on the head drum loop which monitors the liquidity of the drum, thus preventing the damage which the drum and tape.
  • tensioning system consisting of a screw connected to both sides of a turning drum, is used for tensioning the belt.