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Mobile concrete mixing plant

Mobile concrete mixing plant MWB-1000 is easily-adjustable device (mobile) and is used for the production of concretes. For the transport of mobile concrete mixing plant can be used tractor, or truck. The capacity of this junction is 40 m3 / h.


The whole is made up of three modules:

  • Trailer container which is placed around the steel frame of the cement plant, and the construction of the power generator. The trailer is equipped with four outriggers, so the node can be decomposed into the hardened ground, without first setting the slabs.
  • Band mixing and dispensing. This module provides a framework on which the design was seated mixer mixer disk. Mixer has been installed on the importance of water and cement, and chemical additives. The composition of this module also includes a control panel with a high-current wardrobe.
  • Team aggregate dosing with conveyor dispensing aggregate into the mixer. Gas aggregate may contain from 1 to 3 Paper capacity depends on the amount and ranges from 7.5 m3 to 13m3 for a single chamber.

The whole may be supplemented by the cement silos, or ash. Mobile silos are placed on a mobile disc (CD Road). A node can be powered by mains or be retrofitted with a separate generator. The trailer is registered and has its own license plates. Automation system used meets the requirements of the new Polish and European standards (EN 206-1) for the delivery of concrete produced. 


The advantages of the mobile node cement plant:

  • Fast transport and launch of production – transport across Concrete tractor on its own wheels,
  • No need to obtain a building permit for the batching plant,
  • Quick and easy installation in 1 hour, 
  • A smaller area required for installation