Scraper slag

The device is used to collect slag from the furnace crucible. Has been successfully used in foundries, making it easier to work supports. The device is made of a steel structure. Using a pneumatic cylinder are opened and closed jaw scraper. The scraper must be installed on a device such as a crane hoisting.


Principle of operation:

Scraper slag furnace crucible placed on a crane or other lifting device. The operator holding the arm of the guide at 3m from the oven directs the jaw scraper mirror centered over the stove. With the jaws open a crane operator lowers the scraper down. By closing the jaws scraper slag is entrained on the surface of the molten metal. When jaws are closed lifting device holds up the scraper, and then empties the slag into a waste container.



Technical data-type ZŻ-4 ZŻ-6 ZŻ-12
Induction furnace capacity [ton] 4 6 12
Length [mm] 650 850 1170
Width [mm] 600 800 1100
Height [mm] 1400 1500 1650
Weight [kg] 230 270 350
Operating pressure [bar] 6 6 6
Number of interchangeable jaws [pcs] 2 2 2